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mosh as a sculpture

mosh, originally uploaded by photo_obscura.

sculptor Gene Phillips asked if I would permit him to sculpt a photo of mosh that i took a few years ago. he sent me a photo of his progress. it is an honor to have artists use my work as source material.

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had a fun photoshoot last night with rachel

rachel, originally uploaded by photo_obscura.

i have known rachel online for years, but this was the first time we worked together. i got a lot of really good shots :D life is kind of difficult right now. just signed a lease on an apartment in brooklyn. leaving wednesday for anaheim for about two weeks. missing loved ones and feeling very down. on the bright side, ran into prelapsarianme at target of all places. i am sure i scared her to death by stopping her since we had never met. sorry keiko!

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i am proud of this picture

sophie, originally uploaded by photo_obscura.

sometimes i doubt myself. i wonder if i should be a photographer at all. other times, an image comes out like this, and i realize that i can't give it up. i really love this picture. i have been able to say that about more and more of my images lately.

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I was walking the dogs this morning when I noticed man leisurely walking in the rain on the metro path. As I got closer, I realized that he was walking slowly because a Canada goose was on the path in front of him barking at him in a treatening way. As I approach with my dogs, the goose flapped it's wings and turned to shoo it's family towards the pond. I said to the man "were they holding you up?" and he responded that he didn't know if they were dangerous or not so he was going slow. "good thing" I said. "canada geese are really mean".

"oh, then I don't feel as embarassed for being afraid of them then".
He was six four, 200lbs and afraid My little 38lbs dogs were fearless.

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"up" and down

v and i went to see "UP" last night. it was incredibly sad, something i wasn't expecting in an animated film. years ago, i went to see John Lasseter speak at the Smithsonian right after Toy Story came out. he said that at the core of every movie should be a truly great story, because if you don't have a great story, it won't matter how good the animation is. both the story and the animation were amazing. we saw the digital 3D version and after a while, i forgot it was in 3D, it just felt like i was there, watching things unfold.

when we left the theater, it was pouring down rain. by the time we reached the car, we were soaked for the drive home. the movie left me in a very emotionally raw state, so once home, we opened the window, listened to the rain and watching the lightning. it was a very nice way to end the evening.

ps - saw the trailer for Toy Story 3, due out in June of 2010. long wait!
pps - squirrel!
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"I thought I knew, but now I know that rose trees never grow,
in New York city."

for the second weekend in a row, we went to new york for an overnighter.
that makes three times in the past two months we have been to the city,
and before that it was four years ago with azcra and aliona,
who coincidentally called me yesterday for reasons i don't yet know.

if you have been wondering, i haven't intentionally been hiding away, i just
have a lot of new things going on in my life, some that take every spare
moment. there have been both wonderful and not so wonderful things happening,
and i have been learning a lot about myself and the people that i call family.

i have a tendency to see the potential in people and when people don't meet
their potential, i find disappointment follows. part of me wishes i wasn't
blessed (cursed) with that gift, but i am and so i learn to take the bad with
the good and find a middle ground where everyone can meet. it occurs to me
that this applies to many situations i have going on at the moment...

years ago, i read the fountainhead, and it changed me. i think about it now
and how it's words still apply, even to this situation

"Anything may be betrayed, anyone may be forgiven. But not those who lack the courage of their own greatness."

perhaps i need to read it again...